as vozes

pequeno burburinho
a tactear-me a nuca
apoiado com os dois braços
no banco onde me sento
seguro de si
para que não me sinta
seguro de nada
a bafejar aquele fétido aroma
a chumbo

por onde
aos pares
anda o mundo
ando eu acocorado
para que passe ao lado o dia
qualquer dia
para que
se me encontrarem
seja fácil dizer que estou à procura
de alguma coisa
muito pequena
quase invisível
mesmo estando eu a tentar passar
ao lado dela

a hecatombe da vertiginosa audácia de vidro
a redonda e vilipendiosa taça
por onde os meus lábios passeiam
grita para que me esconda

eu obedeço
sem colocar qualquer questão

às vozes

true blue

true blue
lurks in the corners
when the boys get together to drink
and waits
for the lonesome moment of departure
to wrap his filthy hands around any of them

true blue
with the yellow eyes
anxiously knocks on her bedroom door
wants to tell her the truth
about living alone

true blue
the sadist
that hides in the bushes
waiting for boys and girls to grow up
masturbating to the sound of lost innocence
contemplating the grey pubes of lady Marcy
that used to be happy
fornicating the men and women
that learn from exaggerated stories
what they should’ve learned by themselves
or mom and dad
or teacher
devil and god
equally inexistant within the terms of current logic

true blue
the annihilator
true blue
the wise
true blue
the ridiculous truth of our sexual encounters
true blue
the cabin in which I long to rest my bones
true blue
the bipolar
true blue
the dominatrix of our once pure hearts
true blue
true you
blue you
true blue
the tears that travel from eyes to feet
every night I sleep by my lonesome

whenever I try to lose you
true blue
you find a way to slither back inside
forcing me to contemplate sadness
in the most peculiar way

whenever I stroll down the avenues at night
hoping for the difference sunlight brings
I end up chained to a bar stool with you
true blue
pissing red and green away
making solitude the only love story I find comfort on

and if you are the one I should marry
let’s get on with it
so I can stop having wet lucid dreams
about colors that don’t exist